Whidbey Island Restaurants- pizza

Village Pizzeria

Village Pizzeria is a must for a night of fun be it post or pre movie-going. Located just a few hundred yards from the Clyde Theater across the way on the water side. It commands awesome views of the Sound and adjacent Camano Island. The pies are of course fantastic. Dripping with cheese and red sauce. There are gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, lactose-intolerant, and options for every other diet restriction under the sun. So this is a perfect option when Aunt Maggie best restaurants on whidbeycomes to visit. The family friendly atmosphere makes for a great local spot when all you want to do is sit down and have a great piece of pizza. However if you’re more of the on-the-go type their slices-to-go take just a few minutes and are outstanding. 



Basil Cafe

If something more exotic tickles your fancy then I would recommend Basil Café located in Bayview. This Thai-Vietnamese fusion cuisine is just the comfort food you need after coming back from a long bike ride or hike up at Ebby’s Landing. best pho restaurants on Whidbey islandTheir great selection of Phở  (the best Pho on Whidbey Island) and other dishes make for a well rounded experience. With a moderate price point this is the perfect post excursion pitstop for a family of any size. I would definitely recommend you make a reservation for parties larger than 4 (especially on weekends) for this is quite the local hot spot. See their Menu Here


Prima Bistro

Prima Bistro is a fantastic local spot located in downtown langley above a small family grocer. Its quirky atmosphere makes for a fun yet satisfying experience. Upon arrival (unless there is an excessive amount of rain) you must request to be seated outside even if there is a wait. Their patio seating is wonderful. Views of the surrounding town and sound make for fantastic sights especially in the event of a sunset or particularly fine day. Even in the winter I fervently recommend sitting outside. The provided blankets and heating poles make for a cozy dining experience. The food is superb, locally harvested Penn Cove mussels, grass fed beef, light or decadent salads, and much more. The dessert certainly stands on its own.Top restaurants Whidbey Island

Crème brûlée, seasonal cobblers á la mode are just a few examples of the fairly extensive list of confections. Wouldn’t recommend this for a family dining experience (especially if you have impatient young ones) because you’ll end up wanting to stay for upwards of an hour just enjoying the views and food. I would however recommend it for date night or if you would like to give some visiting friends a taste of whidbey dining.

See their menu