Liposome Energy Supplements

It is vital to know what liposomic encapsulation entails in order for one to appreciate why this mechanism facilitates effective transportation of nutrients within the body. They are bubbles of some kind which are filled with fluid. Their exterior is composed of several phosphate-based head-types that are hydrophilic (water-moving, literally) in nature and as such are attracted to water.

Fatty-acid tail-types lie opposite heads and are hydrophobic (water-fearing, literally), implying they seek to avoid contact with water. A liposome therefore aligns itself in such manner that heads create exposed interior and exterior bubble surfaces. There are nearly no limits at all to what may undergo encapsulation within such liposome bubbles.

The aspect which renders them quite exciting in this regard is that bubbles can get refilled with vitamin C, which is Ascorbic acid. This characteristic is rather vital since encasing of vitamin C in this manner renders it more available readily within the body. There have been no conclusive determinations as to why this happens, but several theories still have been postulated about the phenomenon.

One such holds that the wear and tear as well as stress exerted on an average cell may be the cause. As cells proceed with normal functioning within your body, they may sustain some damage that makes them deteriorate at faster rate. Human body cells are structured much in similar manner as vitamin C encapsulation.

These reach out stripping away some of the material as nutrients pass by the cells, therefore cannibalizing it for repair of its own cellular membrane that is damaged. The act in turn triggers some form of leakage by the capsule, thus releasing Vitamin C present within. Still, one other theory suggests that as a person ingests Vitamin C encapsulated with liposome, this nutrient gets routed to the liver. Such as the Energy Gel by Microlife

Here, the capsules get broken down leading to release of Vitamin C into the bloodstream. Both these processes might appear plausible, yet such a conclusion can only be hypothetical up until discovery is made of exactly what transport mechanisms and processes are in play.

Nevertheless, whatever method of transport is applied, studies demonstrate with appreciable consistency that nutrients encapsulated with liposome can be administered into a human body with better efficiency than regular oral applications. This renders the system a superb alternative to the pills and powders which are more conventional. Not everything is known concerning the physiological mechanisms of human beings. Encapsulation done by liposomes is however a commendable theoretical approach. To buy one of the newest Liposome Supplements on the market visit Liposome Supplement Encapsulation